Dr Charlotte Ganderton

Hip and Groin


Dr Charlotte Ganderton has a PhD in hip tendinopathy and privately consults at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group Sports Medicine. She has a passion for sport and performing arts, and has experience working in football, musical theatre and for Cirque du Soleil. Charlotte has a special interest in treating peripheral joint injuries (hip, shoulder, knee and foot), particularly those that that cause excessive joint movement/instability.

Dr Charlotte Ganderton is also a lecturer and researcher at Swinburne University of Technology. She has received numerous awards for her research, published journal articles, and presented at national and international conferences. Her research involvement is extensive and includes topics of hip (femoroacetabular) impingement, greater trochanteric pain syndrome (gluteal tendinopathy and bursitis), shoulder instability, chronic ankle instability, and anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

Dr Charlotte Ganderton works alongside leading orthopaedic surgeons and sports physicians to provide evidence-based conservative and post-operative management for a variety of conditions.

  • PhD (Physiotherapy)
  • Master of Physiotherapy Practice
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)