Andrew Wallis

Hip and Groin


Andrew is an APA Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapist who is currently employed at St. Kilda Football Club (since 2007) and works privately at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group Sports Medicine. Over the last 20 years, Andrew has worked in both a clinical setting and within the elite sporting environment at Melbourne Victory, Adelaide Thunderbirds, SACA Redbacks, V8 Supercars, triathlon and athletics.

Andrew works closely with several of Melbourne’s leading surgeons and Sports Physicians and over the years has developed a special interest in hip and groin pathology. This has led to the development of an evidence-based assessment and treatment model. This may include conservative management of conditions such as femoroacetabular impingement and hip dysplasia or post-operative rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy, peri-acetabular osteotomy, total hip replacement/resurfacing, femoral osteotomy etc.

Andrew also enjoys treating problems related to lower limb biomechanics, knee, ankle and foot pathology. In addition to clinical work, he works as clinical supervisor on the Master’s program at La Trobe University.

  • Graduated from The University of South Australia in 1995.
  • Completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1999 & 2000.
  • Established The Hip & Groin Clinic in 2010.
  • B. App. Sc (Physiotherapy)
  • Master of Physiotherapy (Sports & Manipulative)
  • APA Sports & Manipulative Physiotherapist